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Patient-Centered Functional Medicine and Primary Care

Martinez Wellness Center is a Direct Primary Care Functional Family Medicine practice.

By having freedom from insurance, we are able to employ a more personalized, patient-centered, whole-person approach to healthcare, rather than a conventional, one-size-fits-all, disease-oriented focus.  Whether you are currently healthy and want a partner in maintaining good health or you are suffering with chronic disease and want to achieve your best possible health, we foster a proactive, vested partnership between patient and physician.

Through this vested partnership, we strive to help heal, educate, and empower our patients. By supporting every patient’s personal potential for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health, we seek to promote and restore wellness throughout one's lifetime.

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  • Dr.
    Caroline Martinez

    Dr. Martinez is Medical Director and owner of Martinez Medical Integration. She has been caring for patients in the Western Suburbs of Chicago since 2004. She has extensive experience in outpatient, inpatient, pediatric, and geriatric care.

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  • Marie Dileep
    Office Manager

    Marie Dileep has been with Martinez Medical Integration since opening day in 2004. She has a bachelors degree in business administration from the University of Illinois. In her free time, Marie enjoys reading and rock climbing.

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